Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm sorry peeps!

I should be updating this thing more often. Wait, a minute, wait just a minute...November is rapidly approaching - my new month's resolution will be to blog every day!! Woo-Ha!

So anyway, I had an awesome weekend. On Saturday, KayCee was invited to participate in a celeb bowlathon that would raise money for families affected by Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She asked me to come with, so I played Turtle to her Vinnie Chase and we had a blast. Not only did it help a good cause, but I got to hang out with two of my favorite actors! The little boy from Picket Fences and Millie from Freaks & Geeks, undeniably the best show ever!

After the bowlathon, I knew it was time to work on my Ghostbusters costume. It looked great, but it needed either a fanny pack or an ostenatious belt that would seal the deal of amazingness. I headed to Target, in costume, obviously, and began searching. I asked three different Target employees where I could find a fanny pack and they all pointed me to the handbag department. I'm like, no, it's not trendy. Like a fanny pack, that goes around your waist and you can put stuff in it? But no dice. Luckily, the belts were right near the handbags and I found an awesome one on clearance for $2.14! While I was perusing the belts, this man pulled a Victor Wilson and was all, "Excuse me, can I ask you a question?" Uh, yeah sure. "Do you know where I can find cop sunglasses that are tinted?" Well, no, but you're in the sunglasses section, so there's a start. And then two minutes later. "Can I ask you another question?" Sure. "Do you know where I could find dry ice?" Um, you know, I don't work here. "Oh well, I know, but I thought you'd know." Okay, bye dude.

So then I met up with Gab and her bf and we went to Toi for some Thai food. And for two jugs of sake. After that it was off to a house party on McCadden. It was kind of like college, but everyone's costumes were awesome because, let's face it, we're in Hollywood and peeps are muy creative out here. It was a great party, but I did have to remove my Proton Pack halfway through because it was getting in everyone's way. The night ended with a trip to the McDonalds drive-thru. I got a Big Mac (ew!), but I firmly believe that it helped allieve the severity of Sunday's hangover. And now I'm at work. The week's off to a good start, however, because Heidi just gave me Adventures of the Gummi Bears on DVD! Challah!


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